Get It Right First Time Round


If A Jobs Worth Doing, Its Worth Doing Well

Recent reports suggest that over 50% of properties sell with a second agent. Read more to find out why its not just a matter of second time lucky for agent number two.


A small 5 letter word that has a MASSIVE impact on a property’s performance on the market. It’s always easier to deliver a higher valuation, that doesn’t always mean its the best way to go. Its important and agent can justify their valuation through SOLD comparable evidence. If their figures are pie in the sky, its likely they want to win your business through any means possible. If your property is above a potential buyer’s budget, they’re unlikely to view it – or even know it’s on the market. Even if you do secure an offer, if it’s for more than the property is really worth things may fall through when the mortgage lender values the property – they won’t lend if they think the buyer is paying too much.

Making The Most Out Of The Tools At Hand

Rightmove & Zoopla are by far the two biggest property portals available to estate agents. Social Media also plays a big part in the modern-day methods of sharing a property to a large audience. If an agent isn’t using all of these methods they are holding your property back!

Top Tip:

Make sure your property is Premium Listed- You are far more likely to attract detailed enquiries from your property details

Is Your Marketing Doing The Property Justice?

With more and mote potential buyers starting their search online, its vital your marketing is on point. What are the key features of your property? Words such as ‘garden’, ‘garage’, ‘parking’, ‘freehold’ and ‘detached’ are all popular search terms, so make sure they’re included in the description if applicable. Make sure your agent has eye-catching and informative photographs for the particulars too. Its easy for buyers to bypass a property if they don’t read the full details. A picture tells a thousand words! 


You’re Getting The Wrong Buyers Through Your Door

Is your agent qualifying any potential purchasers? Or, are they just picking up the phone and booking an appointment to try and keep you happy? Its important to qualify any buyer before they view, property requirements, location, number of bedrooms, parking preferences. Its also vital to know if a buyer has a property to sell or if their mortgage is agreed, that way you’ll have a better idea of how serious they are, before they step through your front door.


Lack Of Communication

So many problems in life are caused by a lack of communication, this is even more apparent when you’re trying to sell your most valuable asset. Its vital your agent keeps in touch throughout the week, even if its with no news at all, it still nice to know they are their and you’re property is being though of the way it should be!


If you’re struggling to sell your home several of these factors could be the reason why. From lazy estate agents to overly punchy asking prices, make sure you do your homework before you commit. Always use an agent you feel you can trust. 



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