Welcome To Our Home

Its not how big the house is, Its how happy the home is...

How does being located on the High Street benefit you and us?

Our office is situated in a very popular and central high street location, in the heart of the historic market Town of Newark-On-Trent.
Despite the 'online only' craze sweeping the nation. We still hold a number of Traditional values that we feel will be pivotal to our success. Our presence in the Town ensures we can provide the 'personal touch' for selling your property. Our office is open 6 days a week to ensure maximum availability for everyone. If you’re someone who’s confused about the whole selling process, it can help to have someone to speak to personally.

Unbeatable Local Knowledge

Its vitally important that any agent understands the local property market and the immediate area. After all, you must have on-hand experience of the immediate area and surrounding facilities to enable us to promote the property and its surroundings correctly. This means all our clients get second-to-none recommendations and unparalleled inside knowledge on an area – you might even find out something exciting about a potential home or neighbourhood that you would never have previously considered.

An Active & Growing Mailing List

We are located on one of the busiest streets in the Town Centre with hundreds of people passing through the Town on a daily basis. We have an eye-catching window display that attracts constant Interest day and night. We register the requirements of many potential purchasers who pass by, allowing us to be able to recommend new property's to them before anyone else. This benefits both buyers and our vendors!

All-Inclusive Service

Using an ’online-only’ agent may look like it has its perks, especially when comparing fees, however, this may not always be the case. Many online agents charge extra for everything and anything. Extras like floorplans, photos, viewings and much more, may all have an additional price. When added together, it may certainly change your perspective on how ‘cheap and cheerful’ it may have initially appeared. We ensure a tailor-made package that suits every variety of property, with no additional fees or hidden charges!

A Proactive Approach

A high street agent can have a significant advantage over online only agents just by being proactive. Of course, the internet is extremely important and it is difficult to imagine how you would manage if properties were not added to the online portals. However, a high street agent has the advantage of contact with potential buyers and the ability to form personal relationships with them. Picking up the phone and chatting to buyers about properties which are coming soon can offer the opportunity to line up viewers before the property even hits the property portals. Have you ever responded to a ‘Wanted' advert from an estate agent?  This kind of proactive approach is  only  provided from an agent like ourselves. 

Now you know where to find us, why not pop in and say hello sometime?